Relinquish Voting Rights Form

Request to Relinquish Voting Rights

  • This request is to excuse members of the brotherhood from attendance at regularly scheduled business meetings of the chapter. Brothers who have class conflicts, work, or other commitments that would prohibit them from regularly attending meetings are welcome to fill out this form. Use of this form however, is not to be taken lightly. The chapter asks of each brother to prioritize accordingly and ensure that the fraternity is high on their list.
    1. I understand that this is a temporary excusal for one semester.
    2. I understand that this excuses me from general meetings only and I am expected to attend all other fraternity functions (MMM's, fundraisers, Ritual, etc.).
    3. I understand that I am still required to serve on at least one committee.
    4. I understand that I am still required to pay dues for the requested semester.
    5. I understand that failure to meet any of the above is criterion for suspension.


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